2012 winners of the Alberta Rural Community Physician Attraction and Retention Award

FCSS Names Citizen & Junior Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year is Vivian Wiebe and the Junior Citizen of the Year is Gideon Mentie.


Safe Communities Introduces Car Seat Safety Program

Statistics reveal that many child injuries in cars occur to ill- fitting or unsuitable baby car seats. That prompted the Safe Communities Committee to release a new program centered on car seat safety. (more...)

Rotary Run Will Fill Up Quickly

The Brooks Rotary Club’s 10th Annual Dinosaur Park Pump it Up Run is now accepting registrations.  The  run is so popular  that if participants want in, they have to register early. (more...)

Bandits Attendance Up By Again

The Brooks Bandits organization is the envy of the AJHL and many other junior teams in Canada.
This season, 43, 660 fans attended the 29 home games the Bandits played at the Centennial Regional Arena. That figure does not include the exhibition games or what will be the large crowds anticipated for the playoff games.
Attendance was up over 10,000 from the year, thanks to the teams success of winning the Royal Bank Cup last spring.  The excitement of the playoff run and winning a national championship held boost season ticket sales.
League attendance figures are not readily available, but Brooks likely has a larger total than  Fort McMurray. The Oil Barons drew crowds of under 1400 for the playoff games. They do have a smaller arena capacity than Brooks does too.
The Bandits largest crowd of the year was 2005, which was for the final home game of the season. The three games prior they had crowds of over 1900. Over all, the team averaged 1505 fans per game. (more...)

Top Five Local Stories for 2013

The Top Five Local Stories of the Year

1...Brooks Bandits Win National Championship
2...Floods Could Have Been Devastating On the Local Economy
3...JBS Officially Takes Over XL Lakeside
4... Municipal Election
5...Pros and Cons of Photo Radar


Best Local Stories for 2013

1… Brooks Bandits Amazing Season
Fans who endured the losing seasons of the Brooks Bandits when they first came into the AJHL, sat back in awe, as they watched a team that would go all the way  and win a national championship with the Royal Bank Cup.  Everyone was talking about the Bandits as they collectively brought a community together.  When the Centennial Regional Arena was built, many thought for sure it was too big and would never sell out.  In the playoffs,  games were sold out with fans getting to the arena an hour early. The 50/50 tickets went like wild fire with $13,000 in prize money given out in one game.  All that helped  produce a $375,192 profit for the Bandits, which will help the team in future years. (more...)

Why Canada Day should be moved to every year its a long weekend

Moving Canada Day to make it a long weekend every year is a rant I have been doing for a while. Initially, I thought it should be moved to the first Monday of July, but after talking with some local officials, they thought it should be the first Friday of July, which makes more sense. (more...)